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The Most Useless Game For Android! – JUST WHY??


The Most Useless Game For Android! - JUST WHY

What could be more exciting than pushing a red button on your phone? Sounds awesome right? Of course, it does! What could be more exciting than pressing a big red button on your phone? The app I’m talking about today is so useless that even his creator named it “The Most Useless App Ever” No kidding,

The app is basically what it sound like, You pressing a big red button… And nothing. I don’t know why on earth will someone play that game unless you’re just addictive with pressing buttons. If that’s true then the app also features a countdown that tracks your presses and even a widget! How convenient!



  • Download it and find out how USELESS an app can be!!!
  • Try out the most useless WIDGET ever as well for a complete experience of uselessness !!!!
  • Now with a useless COUNTER to count how useless the application is!!!
  • Don’t forget to rate it.
  • Don’t hesitate to give a negative rating if it doesn’t do what it says.

Give The Most Useless Try!


  •  The most useless app ever (Google Play) – DOWNLOAD
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How To Download?

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Wondering how to download your file? Well, it’s simple when you click the link a new window will open like this.

Screenshot (88).pngScreenshot (89).png

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